Content Management & Component Authoring

Bring structure, visibility and reuse to your company’s information. Author-it is a Component Authoring Solution…

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Service & Process Improvement

Using industry standard best practices and frameworks (ITIL/ITSM, COBIT), TransAccel can assess your IT infrastructure and the services IT provides.

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Project/Portfolio Management

An estimated 70% of IT projects fail to achieve their defined goal, and less than 7% of IT initiatives return a positive ROI. At TransAccel, we are committed…

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Our Clients


“We needed to assess our environment and then put in the necessary controls to make sure that we are protected in the area of PCI. They got this work completed quickly and immediately reduced our company risk and exposure. TransAccel was able to work with people at all levels of business and IT.”
Divisional CIO, Financial Services Industry
“We have engaged TransAccel Group for a variety of projects including IT Service Desk re-design and implementation, Procurement process re-design, and IT organizational design. In all cases, they brought tremendous expertise in process, communications and change management, and the subject area of the given project.”
CIO, Utility Company
“We brought in TransAccel Group to help us with a large, complex project to transform our IT services while working with the 50+ leaders of those services. Planning and executing the overall program plans and governance as well as facilitating the sessions necessary to drive the program forward are areas where TransAccel was invaluable for us. Their knowledge of IT Service Management and project and program management have been key.”
CIO, Financial Industry
“TransAccel Group came in to assist us with Portfolio Benefits Realization. Their understanding of the portfolio process, organizational dynamics, and communications and change management have enabled us to embed benefits realization into our existing portfolio process.   They also provided recommendations for changes outside of benefits realization based on their experience with portfolio management. And they came in under budget.”
Director of IT Portfolio Management and Governance, Health Care Industry

Leadership: Bruce Lotier

Managing Partner/Founder

Bruce heads the TransAccel team. He is convinced that most organizations can be run more efficiently, and has an unshakeable dedication to showing them how.

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Our Values

Founded in 2008, what sets TransAccel Group apart is our level of commitment to our clients.

Our seven essential values

Our Products


TransAccel Group: a preferred Author-it implementation partner for bringing structure, visibility and reuse to your company’s information.

Understanding the basics and intricacies of project and portfolio management and governance, TransAccel is the perfect choice for the implementation of MS Project Server.

TransAccel draws on its experience and expertise in design, implementation, and process improvement to enhance the ITSM solutions offered by ServiceNow.

Featured Case Study: ITSM Process Improvement


Rapid growth through acquisitions meant business demands were increasing while IS had limited capacity to take on more. The majority of the staff was focused on non-core, “keeping-the-lights-on” activities while contractors were being hired to fill higher-level positions. This posed a risk in terms of experiential knowledge loss and lack of developmental and growth opportunities for existing IS staff.


After conducting a Capability Maturity Assessment, TransAccel Group facilitated the IS Leadership Team (ISLT) through a two-month process to understand the core verses non-core services, and define the critical roles (needed to support the core) and the developmental roles needed to support the non-core, forming the foundation of their new operating model.

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Latest Blog Posts


What Would Bobby Fischer Do? Taking a Cybersecurity Lesson from a Chess Master

There’s a great expression that those of you who study chess will be familiar with. A Master will often tell a student to “look at the whole board,” but this instruction is not to be taken literally. It means that the student needs to consider several things: One, the potential impact of all the moves that have been played; two, all the potential moves they can anticipate making through the end of the game, and three, all the moves
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Are you too focused on the technical aspects of cyber security?

When someone mentions information security, invariably thoughts go to technical aspects such as firewalls, routers, wireless access points and how to set those devices up—or to physical aspects such as locks, security guards and fences. These are the technical and physical controls that usually comprise our understanding of how to achieve the best level of security possible. But controls for information security fall into three main categories: the physical and technical—which we’ve already described—and the administrative, which often receives
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Is Your Head in the Cyber Security Sand?

“We started as a relatively small company. Through success and internal growth along with some acquisitions, we are now a medium- sized company using the same policies and processes as when we first started.”

Does this sound familiar?

If so, take solace in knowing that you are not alone, but things have to change. For many companies, growth has outpaced their policies and processes, which can be a risky situation, especially in cyber security.

In information security, due care means “acting responsibly
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CIOs—Unsung Heroes

In my 35+ years of being a corporate change agent, and now at the helm of my own consultancy, I have worked with all levels of the C-suite, and I have to say the CIO role is by far the most difficult. There are numerous reasons for this, not the least of which is an outdated model of the C-suite itself.

The fact is that most companies still view IT and the CIO role through the narrow lens of
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