Our Areas of Focus

Information Management

The demands and challenges of the digital age are overwhelming. We can help you manage your company’s complex information more effectively – increasing transparency and consistency, reducing costs, and improving cycle times – with an integrated information strategy. We will partner with you to create structure and integrate your business needs and processes, and select and implement the solution that’s right for you, even in an environment with regulated and controlled information.

Our three-step approach includes:

1. Content & Process Assessment

Through this process we will explore the status quo, analyze your workflows, processes and existing content, and recommend a solution and implementation plan.

2. Implementation Planning & Execution

Using our project management and process expertise, we will support the execution of your implementation plan and ensure you reach your goals.

3. Communications and Change Management Planning

This service includes everything from stakeholder mapping to communications planning, training design and facilitation, and materials development.

Service Management

Assessing your current service delivery model, tools, and processes, we use industry standards, best practices and frameworks to identify gaps and implement solutions that optimize and improve service delivery and customer satisfaction. We can help you design, define and improve existing services, develop a service catalog, or implement a new service. And our change management approach ensures understanding, acceptance and adoption.

Our offering includes:

Service Definition, Design & Implementation

With our service and process expertise, we help define, design, and implement new processes and services for your organization to offer. (View case study)

Service Desk Design & Implementation

Do you need a service desk strategy and plan? We can design and implement a Service Desk for your organization, along with the tools, processes, governance, metrics, and roles & responsibilities. (View case study)

Service Catalog Development

We can create a Service Catalog, a user-friendly way to allow your customers to understand your offerings and request services from your organization.

ITSM Process Improvement

With our process, governance, and metrics expertise, we will help you evaluate opportunities and implement process improvements for your ITSM areas.

ITSM Implementation

This service includes everything from organizational design to service definitions to process design and implementation. The end result is that you will perform as a best-in-class service organization.

Portfolio, Program & Project Management

An estimated 70% of projects fail to achieve their defined goals, and less than 7% of initiatives return a positive ROI. Our solutions translate your business strategy down to the project level, to help you increase ROI, and ensure that your projects and initiatives deliver value on time and within budget.

Whether we utilize our Project Management Toolkit or adopt your organization’s approach, we will ensure that only those projects that support the business strategy and have the greatest chance of success are prioritized and implemented, and deliver business value.

Our offering includes:

Portfolio Management

TAG provides guidance to develop and establish a charter, governing body, and governance framework to prioritize, manage, and align your portfolio of projects and programs to your overall business strategy.

Portfolio Prioritization – Governance & Process Implementation

We will help you prioritize your existing project portfolio—aligned with company goals—and establish processes and governance for ongoing optimization of your investments, ensuring resources are allocated appropriately to deliver project success.

Portfolio Benefits Realization

Using our expertise, tools, and techniques, we’ll help you ensure your team stays focused on benefits through the end of the project, and to the point when benefits are actually realized for the project.

Program and Project Execution

We have the resources, tools, templates and expertise to run a program, and to enable the projects within the program to deliver in order to meet the business needs. We can also provide resources with project management expertise, including PMP certification, to successfully manage and deliver your critical projects.

Our Consulting Practice

Strategy & Planning

We’ll help you clarify your goals, engage stakeholders, and create an approach, plan and organizational design that delivers real business value. Our research and experience will help you define your objectives, strategies, principles and tactics, tied directly to business strategy, so that you can drive efficiency, support business growth and enhance the customer experience.

Process Improvement

We can assess and redesign your business processes for efficiency and effectiveness, align them with your goals and structure, and recommend and implement the best tools and solutions to meet your business needs. We’ll do this by identifying, analyzing and rebuilding processes to increase efficiency, enhance quality, drive outcomes and optimize performance.

Change Management, Communication & Training

We support all of our clients with detailed plans and custom materials for change management, communication and training, to ensure that employees know what they need to do differently—and why. Our integrated change management, communication and training approach includes everything from stakeholder mapping to communications planning, training design and facilitation, as well as materials development.