Service Management Case Studies

Service Definition, Design, & Implementation

Privately held pharmaceutical company with 2.7B in annual Rx sales



The IT organization decided was shifting from a staff augmentation model to a managed services model, but no process design work was completed; only knowledge transfer. Because of a lack of communication and change management, staff continued to rely on their old ways of working. The IT Service Desk was severely challenged to provide a good “face to the customer” due to inefficient and inconsistent processes.


TransAccel redesigned the Service Desk processes and implemented Incident, Problem, Change and Service Level management processes to achieve ITIL compliance. KPI’s and critical performance metrics were measured and managed. With communications, training and change management, employees adopted the new processes and behaviors.

Service Desk Design & Implementation

TransAccel used its service definition approach to define and design a consolidated Service Desk service



A key finding from an IT maturity assessment conducted by TransAccel Group indicated that service support processes weren’t meeting end users’ needs.


TransAccel used its service definition approach to define and design a consolidated Service Desk service. This included process redesign, an evaluation of the current technologies to help select the tool to best support the redesigned processes, and change management and communication activities to sustain the change.

ITSM Implementation

An analysis of IT’s infrastructure showed areas of vulnerability.



IT reached out to TransAccel Group with concerns about the stability of their application environment.


TransAccel conducted an assessment of the IT environment and quality management practices and uncovered that IT was making untested changes directly to their environment. TransAccel recommended and supported ITSM implementation with a primary focus on change, configuration, and release management. Changes included the creation of a testing environment and governance and promotion processes.

Portfolio, Program & Project Management Case Studies

Project Planning & Execution

During an exercise designed and facilitated by TransAccel, each team mapped its activities across the phases of the system lifecycle, making touch points and hand-offs clearer.

proj-plan-execu (1)


After initiating a multi-year program to transform IT’s services, the 50+ team members working across six work streams needed to engage with one another to understand program interdependencies.


TransAccel Group developed and facilitated a full-day, interactive planning session to promote learning about the other work streams’ activities and identify touch points when different teams would need to work together. The output included an integrated plan of action and an operational governance process to ensure ongoing alignment.

Program Planning & Execution

Progress against program milestones was tracked during meetings of the program’s body.



Team members working across six work streams needed assistance defining and managing the activities of each individual work stream, all while keeping an eye on program-level interdependencies.


TransAccel Group partnered with the work streams and created a detailed program plan, including all work activities, deliverables and milestones. TransAccel also served as the program manager, ensuring oversight of the plan, and coordination with the operational and leadership governance bodies.

Establishing a PMO and Portfolio Prioritization – Governance & Process Implementation

Utility company providing service to three million customers.



A transformed procurement function had high expectations, including a need for quick wins, in an environment where new projects were launching continuously despite limited resources.


TransAccel Group created a PMO to manage the critical resources in the organization. This included developing and managing a resource-constrained program plan that delivered realistic, near-term benefits without compromising the long-term foundation. Governance was established to make the necessary trade-off decisions regarding current and future projects.

Portfolio Benefits Realization

Portfolio planning, SLDC and project management deliverables were mapped by role and phase in the portfolio planning process, and then harmonized to create consistency and clarity.



The IT portfolio planning group at this rapidly growing company was looking for help with demonstrating the value of its IT investments.


After interviewing key stakeholders to understand the environment and the opportunities and impediments to portfolio benefits realization, TransAccel Group mapped the portfolio planning process, harmonized associated assets, and defined roles and accountability. Then a pilot group was identified, participants were trained and the process was refined and launched.

Information Management Case Studies

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